Our story

The story on the S10 we call “BoostedS10” is I have a good friend I met about 6 years ago that owned this truck. He got the truck and proceeded to add a cage and put the original LS motor in it and the truck was fast, I was impressed by how good it worked on both prep and no prep surfaces. Skip forward a couple years I ended up buying the motor from him to put put it in a 2005 GTO. I completely finished the GTO with this motor combo in it and drove it around the block one time. I told my friend a couple years ago if he sell’s the truck to let me know, I got a message and a post sent to me that the truck was for sale and I just knew I had to have it. Fast forward to later that day and we are driving to Pasadena to buy the truck and my credit card gets stolen, my daily truck overheats, everything possible to get in the way of the purchase but we push through and buy the truck. Then I spent the next 6 months ripping the GTO apart and putting the motor in the S10 and upgrading things such as completely re wiring the truck, bigger turbos then it had previously, changed some suspension and it all paid off. About 5 outings in the truck and it has started going person best E.T every time we go to the track. Now that we have Instagram,YouTube and websites dedicated to this truck I do not think I will every get rid of it. 
Build info- 1987 S10, ls2 6.0, 72mm forced induction turbos, FTI level 5 powerglide, methanol fuel, Billet atomizer injectors, Holley EFI.